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OTTO riding surfaces for the equestrian elite at the CAVALLUNA PARK

Europe’s equestrian elite can display their skills at the CAVALLUNA PARK, Munich’s new equestrian leisure park that features horses. Whether the High School of Classical Horsemanship dressage, trick riding or doma vaquera, visitors to the park can enjoy some spectacular displays of horsemanship and great performances on the large stage. The SHOWPALAST MÜNCHEN is the theatre in the centre of the Equestrian Adventure Park which was designed specifically to stage some exciting horse shows.

OTTO-PerforatedMats™ are invisible to the public, but are a constant and indispensable element of the arena. The stars of the ensuite shows practice their challenging routines on this riding surface, so the OTTO arena must be able to withstand some heavy traffic, because this is where all the equestrian disciplines and thrilling jumps are performed. OTTO-PerforatedMats™ are the perfect shock-absorbers for this extreme load. When combined with the OTTO-ArenaTex footing, the riding surface provides perfect stability to ensure optimum safety for horse and rider while performing any stunt or discipline.

The riding surface in the SHOWPALAST MÜNCHEN indoor arena has proved highly resistant to a wide range of uses and high levels of traffic for over a year. “Our arena is used intensively, 365 days a year, for a wide variety of equestrian disciplines,” says the Horse Management team at the CAVALLUNA PARK. “But the riding surface is exhibiting no defects to date, and fully satisfies our health and safety requirements for horse and rider.”