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The secret ist underneath the sand!

The OTTO-PerforatedMat was the very first invention of footing legend Werner Otto and it remains one of the most groundbreaking inventions in the equestrian surface sector worldwide.

Being a product specifically designed for equestrian sports, the OTTO-PerforatedMat has an enhancing effect on the safety, performance and durability of the riding surface thanks to its numerous features.

All of this has led to several millions of OTTO-PerforatedMats being installed in over 6,000 riding facilities worldwide during its 30-year history.

The Features

  1. In riding arenas with an inadequate or no matting system, the hooves may dig up stones and other material from the subbase into the footing already after a short while.

    The OTTO-PerforatedMat, however, creates a clean and durable separation between subbase (in most cases crushed stone) and footing (sand/textile blend).

  2. Water puddles in the arena are not only annoying – many horses reject the course because of them. Moreover, muddy paddocks can lead to painful hoof diseases in the long run.

    The solution: The OTTO-PerforatedMat lets any excessive water drain quickly. In combination with a suitable subbase and a water-permeable footing, this means that there will not even remain a drop of water on top of the surface.

    With the OTTO-PerforatedMat, muddy paddocks and unrideable arenas become a relic of a time gone by.

  3. In equestrian sports, especially showjumping, a considerable amount of force is applied on the surface. Considering a horse’s average weight of approx. 600 kg, up to 5 tons of force may be applied on the surface when horse and rider land after a jump.

    In order to prevent short-term and long-term injuries of the horse, an equestrian surface needs to be able to absorb a large part of this force.

    How is this possible? – With the OTTO-PerforatedMat.

  4. Thanks to a unique system of high and low knobs as well as high and low water cups on the topside of the OTTO-PerforatedMat, the footing is provided with enough stability will not shift, even when the horses make very sharp turns.

  5. Since the OTTO-PerforatedMat is produced using highest-quality material, it is extremely durable. After all, the Mats come with a guarantee of 20 years on functionality!

    Even if the footing layer has to be replaced after many years, the entire base including the OTTO-PerforatedMat can be left untouched. After merely replacing the top layer, the arena will be in perfect shape, just like on its first day.

  6. Although the equestrian world is fully aware of the importance of high-quality riding arenas, the journey to get them intimidates many.

    But relax! The OTTO-PerforatedMat might be one of the most proven products in equestrianism worldwide, but its installation is quite simple.

Technical specifications

Made for Dimensions (length x width x height) Weight Material
Outdoor riding arenas / paddocks approx. 117 x 85 x 4,8 cm (= coverage of approx. 1 sqm) approx. 17,5 kg Recycling-PVC

The color, shape, dimensions and weight of the mats can vary depending on the production process. However, this in no way affects the functionality. Complaints or exchanges in this regard are excluded.


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