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Just like the OTTO-PerforatedMat – but without the ‘perforated’ part

Can you have the unique features of the proven OTTO-PerforatedMat in indoor arenas as well? Of course! With the OTTO-IndoorMat, a product engineered specifically for indoor surfaces.

The OTTO-IndoorMat is capable of everything the OTTO-PerforatedMat can do: It provides skid-resistance, elasticity, it is temperature-resistant, durable, very easy to install and much more.

The only difference: Since watering is carried out manually in indoor arenas, the OTTO-IndoorMat does not need any drainage holes.

The Features

  1. In equestrian sports, especially showjumping, a considerable amount of force is applied on the surface. Considering a horse’s average weight of approx. 600 kg, up to 5 tons of force may be applied on the surface when horse and rider land after a jump.

    In order to prevent short-term and long-term injuries of the horse, an equestrian surface needs to be able to absorb a large part of this force.

    How is this possible indoors? – With the OTTO-IndoorMat.

    The OTTO-IndoorMat is made of elastic, recycled PVC. This means that a large part of the applied force is absorbed by the surface and not by the horses’ legs and that way being easy on joints, tendons and ligaments.

    Shock absorption properties of the OTTOIndoorMat.
  2. In addition to shock absorption, an ideal riding surface also needs to be able to elastically return a part of the applied force. This will provide the horses with increased stability and will enhance their performance.

    The OTTO-IndoorMat has been specifically engineered for this purpose.

    Due to the ideal density of the recycled PVC material used to produce the OTTO-IndoorMat, the Mat not only absorbs a large part of the force applied on it, but it also provides the horses’ legs with the optimal amount of rebound.

    Elasticity of the OTTO-IndoorMat.
  3. What if the horses accelerate, make sharp turns or stop abruptly? In these cases, the hooves need especially good grip and must not slip.

    If the footing layer is applied on a flat base it will shift under the weight of the hooves. Even if the base is equipped with knobs which all have the same height, the horses will slip because, even in this case, the footing is not provided with sufficient grip and will shift, similar to an avalanche.

    Thanks to a unique system of high and low knobs as well as high and low water cups on the topside of the OTTO-IndoorMat, the footing is provided with enough stability will not shift, even when the horses make very sharp turns.

  4. Countless other types of separation layers need to be interlocked or installed edge to edge.

    Since every type of plastic expands and shrinks according to temperature fluctuations, this may lead to ‘wave-shaped’ arenas, since the material does not have any space to expand.

    Whether torrential rainfalls, lowest-degree winters or scorching head: The OTTO-IndoorMat maintains what it promises.

    After all, millions of OTTO-IndoorMats have been installed worldwide in various types of climates – and they work perfectly.

    Since the Mats are made of high-quality recycled PVC, weather conditions cannot cause any damage to the OTTO-IndoorMat.

    During strong temperature changes, the OTTO-IndoorMats can expand and shrink without any trouble as they are installed with a small gap between each other.

  5. Since the OTTO-IndoorMat is produced using highest-quality material, it is extremely durable. After all, the Mats come with a guarantee of 20 years on functionality!

    Even if the footing layer has to be replaced after many years, the entire base including the OTTO-IndoorMat can be left untouched. After merely replacing the top layer, the arena will be in perfect shape, just like on its first day.

  6. Although the equestrian world is fully aware of the importance of high-quality riding arenas, the journey to get them intimidates many.

    But relax! The OTTO-IndoorMat might be one of the most proven products in indoor riding arenas worldwide, but its installation is quite simple.

    Since the OTTO-IndoorMats do not have to be interlocked or anchored but are only laid with a small gap, they can be installed quickly and easily.

    A regular skill saw, jigsaw or chainsaw can be used to cut the Mats to size, for example on the arena border. (Please wear suitable protective clothing when cutting the Mats!).

    We at OTTO Sport want to make sure that the installation of your arena is carried in a worry-free way without causing any unnecessary costs.

    Whether it is do-it-yourself, supervision or turnkey solution: We will adapt to your individual circumstances and needs and will help you in fulfilling your dream of an own OTTO Sport surface.

    We will be happy to provide you with a detailed installation manual when you purchase your OTTO-IndoorMats!

    You can find more about our installation service here.


    You can find instructions on how to set up the indoor riding arena here.

Technical specifications

Made for Dimensions (length x width x height) Weight Material
Outdoor riding arenas / paddocks (approx.) 117 x 85 x 3,5 cm (= coverage of approx. 1 sqm) 15kg (approx.) Recycling-PVC

The color, shape, dimensions and weight of the mats can vary depending on the production process. However, this in no way affects the functionality. Complaints or exchanges in this regard are excluded.


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Julia Hanley
Loop Livery Yard, Burnley, England

The OTTO-IndoorMat is the main reason why our indoor arena is in such excellent shape. Stability is the most important thing for us – and the Mats provide that, whether you’ve just groomed the arena or some time has passed since you last did that. You can just feel that the hooves behave just they way they should on it. The horses never skid or trip.

Our riders do everything on this surface: jumping, dressage etc. Thanks to the OTTO-IndoorMat, all of that is possible on this surface.

I wish more people in the equestrian industry would train and compete on such a surface. Then, the quality of living for horses in this world would be a lot higher.


The OTTO-IndoorMats are used as a separating layer between subbase and footing, preventing any material underneath the Mat from mixing with the footing. At same time, it serves as elasticity layer as the elastic nature of the OTTO-IndoorMat creates noticeable concussion absorption, protecting joints, tendons and ligaments.

Yes, that is possible. However, it is important to note that installation is slightly different in this case. After a leveling layer of recycled material has been installed (Whether this is needed and, if Yes, which amount, is determined for every indoor arena individually.), the OTTO-PerforatedMat is installed and filled with fine crushed stone. Finally, the footing layer is installed on top.


No. The OTTO-PerforatedMats are filled with fine crushed stone to prevent fine sand particles as well as any type of dirt (e. g. horse manure) from entering the drainage layer and clogging it. On the other hand, since the OTTO-IndoorMat does not have any holes, it does not need to be filled with fine crushed stone.


A requirement for installing the OTTO-IndoorMat is a stable, firm subbase. If this type of subbase is already provided, the existing footing has to be removed. If the footing can be reused, it will be stored on site and re-installed after the Mats have been laid. If you would like for us to have a look at your existing arena, feel free to contact us anytime.

As the name already indicates, the holes make all the difference. Since the OTTO-PerforatedMat has been engineered for outdoor arenas, ideal drainage must be ensured. This is accomplished by means of the holes. The OTTO-IndoorMat, on the other hand, has been engineered for indoor arena and does not need holes, as irrigation in indoor arena is carried out manually and there is no excess water.

The high and low knobs on the topside of the Mat provide considerably more stability to the footing and thus prevent the horses from skidding.

The OTTO-IndoorMat has 438 knobs.


The OTTO-IndoorMats are not suitable for outdoor arenas. They don’t have any holes, so excess water would not be able to drain quickly enough.


Provided that the subbase is stable enough, the OTTO-IndoorMat can resist weight up to 40 metric tons.

The OTTO-IndoorMats are installed in a staggered pattern with a gap of 2 – 3 cm between each other. The knobs must be on the topside of the Mat.


When installing the OTTO-IndoorMat, a small extension gap of 2 – 3 cm between the Mats is left. The Mats are not interlocked. Their mere self-weight and the weight of the sand layer on top provide them with enough grip on the subbase.


Usually, one pallet contains 50 OTTO-IndoorMats.


One OTTO-IndoorMat is 117 cm long, 84 cm wide and 3,5 cm high. It weighs approx. 15 kg. The color, shape, dimensions and weight of the mats can vary depending on the production process. However, this in no way affects the functionality. Complaints or exchanges in this regard are excluded.

The OTTO-IndoorMat is an extremely long-lasting recycled PVC product which can be disposed of at any waste dump as residual waste. However, we recommend selling the Mats as used products whenever someone doesn’t need them anymore (forums, small ads, magazines).


The OTTO-IndoorMats do not come in different colors. Due to color fluctuations in the raw material, slight, hardly noticeable variations in color may occur. Since the OTTO-IndoorMats are installed underneath the footing, their color is irrelevant.


No. The OTTO-IndoorMat is a product specifically designed for equestrian sports and which works only when combined with a footing layer (for example OTTO-ArenaTex Footing) with at least 8 cm thickness installed on top of the Mats. Without a footing layer, the horses would trip over the knobs on the topside of the Mats.


Yes. The OTTO-IndoorMats is perfectly suited for temporary installation, for example for tournaments, but only indoors (the OTTO-IndoorMats are closed and do not let water drain – for outdoor events, we recommend installing the OTTO-PerforatedMats)


Due to the high amount of elasticity of its material, the OTTO-IndoorMat provides increased shock-absorption, i. e. the force of the hooves’ impact is absorbed in large part by the Mat, resulting in a tremendous relief of the horses’ legs. The joints are spared compression and the tendons are strained less. At the same time, the OTTO-IndoorMats create enough stability so that the horses have sufficient grip.


For very hot climates, the OTTO-DesertMats are better suited than the OTTO-IndoorMats as they can store even more water and constantly pass it on to the footing.

When it comes to indoor arenas in hot climates, the same as in other climates applies.


The knobs on the OTTO-DesertMat (closed OTTO-PerforatedMat) are higher and thus provide more grip than the OTTO-IndoorMat. Also, more water can be stored in the OTTO-DesertMat and be passed on to the footing.

The OTTO-IndoorMats are installed with a gap of approx. 2 – 3 cm and edge to edge. The many little knobs need to be on the upside of the Mat.


For tournaments or any other event with an only temporarily installed surface, the OTTO-IndoorMats are best suited since they do not need a special subbase and do not need to be filled in with small crushed stone.


When installing an equestrian surface, a firm and stable subbase in required. Topsoil or mud does not provide such a subbase. Depending on the type of subbase, certain measures have to be taken. If you would like an on-site visit, feel free to contact us.

For indoor arenas, we usually recommend checking whether a leveling layer of a few centimeters might be appropriate.


No. Since irrigation in an indoor arena is carried out and regulated manually, no excess water is created. Therefore, the OTTO-IndoorMats don’t have to provide drainage.


The OTTO-IndoorMat is a product specifically designed for the installation in indoor arenas and is, therefore, not suitable for installation in outdoor arenas.