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OTTO Sport.

The story of OTTO Sport International GmbH began in the early 1960s, when company founder Werner Otto started building sports facilities. Towards the end of the 1980s, he focused on riding arena construction and became a specialist in this sector. Fuelled by his passion, this enthusiastic rider set about developing a riding surface that would offer the optimum conditions for equestrian sports.

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The OTTO riding arena leveller fleet is equipped with practical harrow levellers.

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International horse fair

Wels, Austria

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2nd spring fair 2021 of the magazines Reiterjournal, Bayerns Pferde Zucht + Sport and Züchterforum

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Postponed to a later date in the year

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Would you like to find out more about our products, build or renovate a riding arena, plan a riding tournament, do you require a riding arena planner or would you like help in choosing the right footing? We have listed some questions here. We would be happy to talk to you personally to discuss your requirements.


By means of its numerous functions, the Mat establishes perfect elasticity and skid-resistance, saves water and ensures a clean and lasting separation between substructure and footing. Furthermore, the Mats absorb up to 40% of the hoof’s impact and rebounds it back when jumping off.


Where necessary, the natural soil is stabilized by means of a crushed stone blend. On top of this, a drainage layer of crushed stone with a grain size of 8/16 mm and 7 cm thickness is installed, on top of which the OTTO-PerforatedMat is layed.


In classic equestrian arena construction with the OTTO-PerforatedMat, we recommend installing the footing with a layer thickness of only 8 – 10 cm, measured from the top edge of the knobs.

When constructing an OTTO-Ebb&Flow arena, a layer thickness of approx. 13 cm has to be calculated to ensure the capillary effect from the subbase up into the footing. After installation, the layer thickness also amounts to approx. 10 cm measured from the top edge of the knobs.


A requirement for installing the OTTO-IndoorMat is a stable, firm subbase. If this type of subbase is already provided, the existing footing has to be removed. If the footing can be reused, it will be stored on site and re-installed after the Mats have been laid. If you would like for us to have a look at your existing arena, feel free to contact us anytime.