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Automatic, convenient, genious.

OTTO-Ebb&Flow is the perfect solution for anyone who is looking for maximum convenience in watering their arena.

OTTO-Ebb&Flow waters the arena ‘from below’ – and you don’t even notice it. Therefore, the horses can stay in the arena around the clock. The water level can be adjusted by the centimeter by means of an electronic control system.

Combined with legendary equestrian arena elements such as the OTTO-PerforatedMat and the OTTO-ArenaTex Footing, this results in a maximum amount of quality and convenience.

How it works

Anyone who has ever dipped a sugar cube into their coffee has already experienced a physical process called ‘capillary effect’ first-hand. This exact physical law is used in the OTTO-Ebb&Flow System.

By means of a sand layer underneath the OTTO-PerforatedMats, a certain amount of water, regulated by the user, is consistently transported up into the footing in order to constantly provide the arena with the desired amount of moisture.

Using a system of water pipes, shafts and valves, the arena is constantly supplied with the specified amount of footing.

This also means that any excessive water, for example from rainfalls, is automatically let out, and more water is let in when needed, for example during dry periods. This way, the specified water level can be maintained.

The desired water level (specified in centimeters from the PVC liner upwards) can be adjusted on a control panel. Moreover, the control panel contains buttons to let water in and out as well as an emergency shutdown.

Watering the arena can thus be carried out from the arena border or any other given place in the yard.


As is the case with all the versions of the OTTO Sport Equestrian Surface System, the client can choose between 3 options when constructing his OTTO-Ebb&Flow Arena:

Turnkey-Solution, Supervisor oder Do-It-Yourself.

The installation of an OTTO-Ebb&Flow-System is usually carried out by an expert (supervisor) sent by OTTO Sport.

Still, in most cases, the client is able to carry out many of the installation steps himself with the assistance of some helpers. Here, the OTTO Sport expert acts as ‘supervisor’ and makes sure that every single installation step is carried out adequately.



Steps of installation

1. Preparation of soil

An even and stable surface without an incline is prepared.

2. Installation of curbstones

The curbstones not only serve as arena border, they also create a stable surrounding for the water permeable pool which is created by means of an adequate PVC liner (see step 3).

3. Installation of the PVC liner

The PVC liner serves to keep any water used to irrigate the arena inside the system. The PVC liner is water impermeable and is spread across the entire arena and over the installed curbstones.

4. Installation of electronics

OTTO-Ebb&Flow is a fully automatic, electronically controlled watering system which is very simple to handle.

The water level can be adjusted exactly by the centimeter by means of a control panel. The desired level is maintained by the system automatically. Excessive water, for example from rainfalls, can drain through outlets. Whenever additional water is needed, for instance during dry periods, it is automatically let in.

As a ‘cherry on the cake’, watering the footing can be done anytime without taking the horses off the arena.

5. Installation of water pipes

In order to transport the water into and out of the arena, the system relies on common PVC pipes which are installed across the arena with a gap of 2 meters to each other.

The pipes are covered with ‘stockings’ which are water permeable but will not let any sand into the pipes and clog them.

6. Installation of irrigation sand layer​

A sand layer is installed on top of the pipes to transport the water from the pipes up into the footing. This is possible due to the capillary effect.

First, the sand layer is roughly spread across the arena, then it is adequately leveled using laser-controlled grading machines.

7. Installation of OTTO-PerforatedMats

To achieve true OTTO Sport quality in an OTTO-Ebb&Flow arena, the flagship is installed as well: the OTTO-PerforatedMat, which is laid on top of the irrigation sand layer.

The OTTO-PerforatedMat separates the two sand layers (irrigation sand layer and footing layer). In addition, it provides horse and rider countless advantages such as elasticity, skid-resistance and many more.

More info about the OTTO-PerforatedMat can be found here.

8. Installation of OTTO-ArenaTex Footing

Last but not least, the famous footing layer called OTTO-ArenaTex is installed on top of the OTTO-PerforatedMats with a layer thickness of 10 cm.

This layer is accurately leveled using laser-controlled graders as well.

OTTO-ArenaTex is a blend of silica sand, textiles and fibers and was developed over decades. It provides horse and rider with numerous benefits concerning safety, health and performance.

More info about the OTTO-ArenaTex Footing can be found here.

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