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Mud-free paddock build yourself - our instruction

Build a paradise of wellbeing for horses.

Mud is slippery and often turns paddocks into dangerous mudslides for horses and humans alike. Excess water may also accumulate in the paddock and cause diseases of the hoof.


The advantages of our paddock surfaces

We incorporate OTTO-PerforatedMats for a permanently weatherproof paddock:

  • No more mud
  • Drainage for excess water
  • Non-slip, shock-absorbent
  • Separation layer between the sub-base layer and the paddock sand


  • Healthy, happy horses free from hoof diseases
  • Greater safety for your horses and a more confident performance

How do we build our paddocks?

OTTO Sport paddocks are built with the same high standards of quality as our riding arenas:

1) Gravel drainage layer to act as a permeable layer

2) OTTO PerforatedMat (paddock mat)

3) Backfilling with washed coarse sand or chippings

4) Layer of washed fine, clay-free sand, with no aggregates

Layer structure of the paddock surface:

Drainage layer

A drainage layer of chippings (5-11 mm bis 8-16 mm grain size) is applied to the load-bearing sub-base layer and levelled with laser precision.


Our tip:

Depending on the quality of the existing ground or soil, we recommend installing a gravel base layer with compaction.

Tip from the OTTO Sport team: we recommend a maximum gradient of 0.5%-1%, as the horses may develop some postural or comportment defects if the slope is too great. The slight gradient will also assist drainage.

Is your sub-base layer concrete, field or clay soil?
We can adapt to your conditions on site based on the substructure at the location you wish to construct your paddock. Do you want to build your paddock on a field, paved/concrete area or clay soil? Just ask us, and we’ll be happy to help you find the right solution for your substructure.

The OTTO-PerforatedMat – our “paddock paving”

The OTTO-PerforatedMat can be installed on a sub-base layer that has been correctly prepared and finished.


The benefits of the OTTO-PerforatedMat

Separation of the sub-base layer and the paddock sand
Without a paddock mat, the sand would migrate and start to mix with the sub-base layer (gravel, etc.) when the horses drag and scrape their hooves over the paddock surface. The OTTO-PerforatedMat is an extremely effective way of preventing this, as it creates a clean and permanent separation between the sub-base layer and the sand.

Your horses will gallop over the paddock surface with joy, because our special system of raised knobs of varying heights on the upper side of the mat prevent skidding and slipping. The system of raised knobs ensures excellent adherence to the paddock sand and therefore a high level of stability.

Drainage function
Mud combined with horse urine and manure is a paradise for bacteria which can result in thrush and mud fever (pastern dermatitis) infections.
The drainage holes in the mat prevent excess water from forming puddles and therefore muddy conditions on the paddock surface. The open stable remains free of mud even after heavy, persistent rainfall and the horse’s hooves stay healthy.

Improved blood circulation to the hoof
Vets have reported a positive effect when using OTTO PerforatedMats in paddocks: horse hoof growth is much improved on unshod hooves. The varying height of the knobs stimulates blood circulation to the hoof.

Water storage
The OTTO-PerforatedMat has a water storage system on the upper side of the mat which can store up to 4 litres of water to maintain the required moisture level of the paddock surface. This ensures the surface remains firm and prevents the hazard of sand and dust being stirred up.

20-year functionality guarantee
We also provide a 20-year warranty on the functionality of OTTO PerforatedMats for paddocks and our riding arenas.

Backfilling with washed coarse sand or chippings

The OTTO-PerforatedMat is backfilled with chippings or water-permeable coarse sand to prevent the fine sand from migrating downwards through the drainage holes of the mat.




Our tip

We recommend water-permeable, washed coarse sand on the paddock surface. As the sand layer in open stables is usually not constantly watered and kept moist, chippings may migrate upwards into the sand layer if the sand is too dry.


Layer of washed fine sand with no clay content

The paddock sand should contain no aggregates because the horses could ingest them. Our OTTO-ArenaPur sand consists only of pure sand and is particularly permeable to water, and muddy puddles on the paddock surface are a thing of the past.


The right sand for your paddock

Not all sand is created equal:
We use only washed sand mixtures with no clay components, i.e. the drainage holes do not clog as the clay settles down after rainfall and compacts the bottom layer.

High longevity
You and your horses will enjoy your paddock for a long time to come.

OTTO ArenaPur – the paddock sand
Are you wondering if your sand is suitable for the paddock you are planning to build? Send us a sand sample or ask us about OTTO-ArenaPur, the sand mix that has been specifically developed for paddocks. We’re always happy to help.

Sand analysis