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Construction of the indoor riding arena surface

For use in all weathers and in proven quality.

Whether you are planning to build a new riding arena or want to renovate your arena surface, we will help you plan and implement your project.


The noticeable difference

The OTTO-IndoorMat has been specifically designed for use in indoor arenas. Horse and rider will feel a noticeable difference with our mat system construction.

The high shock-absorption effect provides considerable relief to the horse’s joints, ligaments and tendons, and helps prevent injury to the musculoskeletal system.

The non-slip surface structure of the OTTO-IndoorMat guarantees the perfect stability of the footing. This prevents the horse from skidding or slipping, even during tight bends and quick turns to ensure optimum safety for horse and rider.

The OTTO-IndoorMat guarantees a clean and permanent separation of the footing and sub-base layer, and a long service life of your indoor arena surface.

How do we construct the indoor riding arena surface?

The OTTO indoor arena surface essentially comprises 2 layers

  1. The OTTO-IndoorMat as a separation layer
  2. Footing comprising washed, clay-free fine quartz sand, with or without aggregates or additives

    (Optional: where necessary, a levelling layer of mixed minerals may be laid on the load-bearing substructure)

Substructure of the indoor arena

Do OTTO IndoorMats require a sub-base layer?
The OTTO-IndoorMat must be installed on a load-bearing, highly stable substructure. A levelling layer may also be integrated where necessary. A drainage layer is not required, as the water supply in an indoor arena can be regulated individually.

Would you like to build on concrete, a field or clay soil?
Depending on the substructure available on site, we will find the right solution for the indoor arena you are planning. Will your riding surface be located on a field, farmland, clay soil or concrete? Just ask us and we’ll be delighted to help you.

2-layer structure of the OTTO indoor arena surface:

The OTTO-IndoorMat

The OTTO-IndoorMat will be laid on the prepared and finished sub-base layer.
This in particular ensures

  • Separation of the sub-base layer and footing
  • Skid resistance
  • Shock absorption

You can see all the properties of the OTTO-IndoorMat here.

Installing OTTO-IndoorMats on the indoor arena surface:

OTTO-IndoorMats are installed offset with a joint spacing of appr. 2-3 cm. The cross-shaped nub system must be on the upper side of the mat.

Advantages of the OTTO-IndoorMat:

Shock absorption
The OTTO-IndoorMat absorbs most of the force of the horse’s hoof when striking the surface. This protects the horse’s joints, ligaments and tendons and helps prevent injury to the musculoskeletal system.

20-year functionality guarantee
We provide a 20-year warranty for the functionality of OTTO IndoorMats that have been installed and maintained with the due care and attention.

Skid resistance
Your horses will enjoy cantering around the riding arena, because our special system of raised nubs of varying heights on the upper surface of the mat prevent skidding and slipping.

If you have to replace the footing in the indoor arena after many years of use, you don’t have to disturb the entire sub-base layer or the OTTO-IndoorMat. This is due to the long service life and durability of the OTTO-IndoorMat. So, once you have replaced the footing, your indoor riding arena surface will be as good as new!

Layer of washed, clay-free, fine quartz sand with aggregates (footing)

The OTTO-ArenaTex footing can now be installed. The installation height is appr. 8-10 cm.
The footing consists of a homogeneous mixture of high-quality, clay-free, quartz sand mixed with textile and fibre aggregates or shavings.

Individual footing - the correct riding arena sand:

Not all sand is created equal:
We only use washed quartz-sand mixtures.

Properties of the OTTO Arena footing:
- High-quality quartz sand in specific grain sizes
- Clay-free for optimum drainage

Quartz sand is one of the hardest sands in the world:
- Extremely durable with the correct care and maintenance
- Suitable for all equestrian disciplines

Long service life
Our footing is extremely durable provided it is treated with care. We want you and your horses to enjoy your riding arena for many years to come.

An individual sand mixture to suit your requirements
We adapt the sand formula to the requirements of your equestrian sport:
- All-round riding arena
- Show jumping arena
- Dressage arena
- Tournament surfaces

Training tracks:
- Tölt and flying pace track
- Gallop track

Is my sand suitable for my riding arena?
Do you have sand already and want to know if it is suitable for the riding surface you are planning? Send us your sand sample or enquire about our OTTO-ArenaTex footing and the sand mixture that has been specifically developed for riding arenas. We will be delighted to help you.

Sand analysis