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In the spirit of sustainability Reconditioned riding arena mats after 20 years of use

The Meierhof equestrian centre in Seeon is dedicated to the breeding of noble Trakehner horses. This includes professional training, talent development and the provision of horses that are suitable for all equestrian disciplines.

For experienced breeders, the health of their equine protégés is particularly important. This also includes the choice and maintenance of the riding surfaces.

The 20-year-old 80 x 25 m outdoor riding arena in the equestrian centre was recently refurbished. OTTO-PerforatedMats were installed under the footing back then and, as the mats were still intact, the breeding establishment decided to re-use them. The riding arena mats were cleaned and reinstalled, even after 20 years of long service. Just 18 new mats had to be repaired on the 2,000 sqm area. A new footing was then laid on top of them. Now horse and rider can once again enjoy the high-quality, renovated and durable riding arena.

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