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Designed and produced by the leading footing experts

An arena groomer which is reliable, easy to handle and fulfills every wish when it comes to adequate maintenance? This goal has finally been achieved!

The OTTO-ArenaLeveler DELUXE has a width of 2.30 m and can be attached to any vehicle equipped with a three-point-linkage system.

The features


Compatible with all the common towing vehicles

The DELUXE can be attached to any vehicle which is equipped with a common three-point-linkage system, as can be found on any modern tractor.

By means of the towing-vehicle’s integrated hydraulic system, the DELUXE can be lifted for transport outside the arena.


Every element steplessly adjustable.

“You don’t have to be Superman to use the DELUXE” – Billy Twomey

A trademark of every groomer by OTTO Sport is its easy handling. Every single grooming instrument can be adjusted steplessly, millimeter by millimeter and without the need for any additional tools.

You can find more info about the steplessly adjustable instruments below.

Flexible swivel

For consistent and stress-free maintenance.

A professional arena groomer must be able to accomplish consistent maintenance across the entire arena. That is why it cannot follow the towing vehicle in a ‘stiff’ way.

The DELUXE is equipped with a flexible swivel which enables the groomer to flexibly follow the vehicle during turns.

Locking mechanism

for driving outside the arena.

As essential as the flexible swivel on the DELUXE is, it would be very convenient if it caused the groomer to tilt when it is lifted for transport.

That is why the DELUXE is also equipped with a locking mechanism which makes the entire groomer ‘freeze’ and keep its position when it is lifted.

This way, the DELUXE can be lifted for transport without any worries


Steplessly adjustable.​

The harrows on the DELUXE are used to fluff up the footing and can be adjusted steplessly by hand. No tools are needed for this.

Depending on the set depth of the harrows into the surface, the degree of fluffing up the surface is determined.

Moreoever, the harrows’ tips can be easily replaced after they have been worn out.

Leveling board

Steplessly adjustable.

Uneven spots in the footing, for example hoof prints, can be leveled by means of the leveling board.

The patented, wave-like shape of the board prevents the footing from being dragged across the arena too much.

Just like any other grooming instrument on the DELUXE, the leveling board can be adjusted steplessly.

Divided grid barrel

You ride with your eyes too.

The grid barrel takes care of the DELUXE’s final grooming step: giving the footing a nice structure which is pleasing to the eyes.

Since the barrel is divided, the two halves can spin at different speeds during turns, providing the footing with a uniform structure across the entire arena.

Furthermore, the grid barrel is equipped with a spiral inside which transports any material stuck in the barrel back outside.


Steplessly adjustable

The so-called hoof track is a track around the arena and is usually its most used part.

Any material which has been pushed to the side can be dragged back into the arena using the DELUXE’s integrated track-clearer, making sure that the surface provides the same condition across the entire arena.

The track-clearer can be adjusted in its height as well as in its distance to the machine – all of which is steplessly adjustable by hand.

Barrier wheels on both sides

Protect groomer and barrier

To avoid any damages to the kickboards or the groomer itself, the DELUXE is equipped with a barrier wheel on both sides which are each steplessly adjustable per hand.


Support foot

For when the work is done.

For ‘parking’ the DELUXE, the groomer is equipped with a support foot.

As can be seen on any given trailer, the support foot can be extended by means of a crank.

After extending the crank, the DELUXE can be detached from the towing vehicle and stand by itself.

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Technical specifications

Attachment Working width Dimensions (l x w x h) Weight
Three-point-linkage appr. 2,30 m appr. 240 x 230 x 100 cm appr. 450 - 520 kg (depends on equipment)