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Now available: more effective and optimised all around - the smart stable mat solution for the horse box!

We can now reveal the secret and show you, as promised, our brand-new product: the OTTO StableMat Smart. 

+ Particularly quick and easy to install
In just 30 minutes, two dedicated young riders (with a helper to trim the mats) laid the mats on the whole horse box measuring 3 x 6 metres.
The stable mats are more manageable (smaller) and therefore lighter (compared to the large OTTO StableMat).

+ Promotes the health of the horse’s hooves and tendons
We have implemented a new manufacturing process to improve the surface of the StableMat Smart. The surface flexes slightly when under load, therefore protecting the horse’s joints, tendons and hooves. 

+ Safe and secure underlay
The special structure of the surface of the mats provides a firm, skid-resistant surface.

+ Durable
The mats are 4 cm thick, which makes them particularly robust and durable. 

+ Insulates against the cold
The integrated air pockets turn the horse box into a feel-good floor. The insulation provided by the air pockets counteracts the coldness of the floor.

+ Saves on bedding: 
Straw is only required to absorb urine. The mats are insulated against the cold, so thick warm bedding is not required, which significantly reduces bedding consumption and greatly simplifies disposal. The stable floor should always be completely covered with straw bedding.

+ Improved tongue and groove system
Liquid can hardly penetrate under the mat surface, due to the tight installation. The connection joints between the box mats are extremely tight, providing a secure connection.