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“OTTO Sport makes the impossible possible: a riding surface that is suitable for all equestrian sports. Our surface experiences heavy traffic and is able to withstand the high and very different demands placed on it to perfection, and fully satisfies our health and safety requirements for horse and rider.”


Bernd Hackl Horsemanship trainer in all disciplines
Bernd Hackl Horsemanship trainer in all disciplines

Bernd Hackl

Horsemanship trainer in all disciplines, VOX-Pferdeprofi equestrian professionals

“Our OTTO surface in the riding arena has already proved its worth 1,000 times over! We often require high speeds around the circuit when training Western horses, or may unintentionally reach some really high speeds when schooling problem horses. The OTTO-PerforatedMats under the footing ensure the horses don’t slip or skid around the corners or during tight turns. This enables me to calmly consider and prepare my next move, because the footing gives me that confidence. The surface elasticity is fantastic with the sub-base layer, and even our clients from the high-class world of dressage are delighted with it. I’m looking forward to our OTTO Reining surface which our Western riders will love. We now know that the decision to contact OTTO Sport was the best we ever made! I must also mention here the friendliness and expertise of Werner Otto and his whole team.

As personal as the products – I THINK OTTO IS EXCELLENT!!”

Pferdezentrum Stadl-Paura with OTTO Sport arena surfaces

Johannes Mayrhofer

Pferdezentrum Stadl-Paura equestrian centre in Austria

“It is very important for us to be able to presentall the disciplines in equestrian sport. We consider ourselves a centre of excellence for the Austrian horse industry, so all the equestrian sport disciplines are represented here. We believe we can do this most effectively with these riding surfaces.”

On a scale from 1 – 10, how satisfied are you with the new surfaces? Mr. Mayrhofer: “Right now, 11!”

Reiterhof Stückler with OTTO-PerforatedMats

Andreas Stückler

Reiterhof Stückler riding school in Austria

“Now we have installed the OTTO-PerforatedMats, not only can we ride in all weathers, but both horse and rider feel really comfortable. There was not a single puddle in sight, even in the pouring rain, and the ground was skid-resistant and elastic. The riders went on to say: “It’s like we’re floating on the ground.”

John Whitaker

British Showjumping Legend

“During my decade long experience as showjumper, I have trained and competed on countless types of footing. Every time I rode on OTTO Sport, I noticed that they constantly provide ideal conditions for equestrian sports, whether it was on temporary or permanently installed arenas. That is why I chose OTTO Sport to renew my surfaces at home – and I have never regretted that decision.”

Billy Twomey

Irish Showjumper

“I had seen or experienced an OTTO Sport surface at some of the international shows I was competing at and it looked absolutely the right thing for the horses. Then I got in touch with the company about getting the surface at my new place.”

Klaus Balkenhol

German Dressage Legend

We’ve had the OTTO-PerforatedMats for over 20 years. The surface performance has always really excellent – over decades!”

Alexandra Townsend

Event Rider, Robertson, Australia 

“What I love about OTTO Sport is that you can really feel that the horses have secure grip on the surface. This is really relaxing to know.”

Shannon & Steffen Peters

Olympic Dressage Riders, California, USA 

“We were introduced to OTTO Sport in 2006 before the World Equestrian Games and we have always thought they are just the best surface that you can have. And now we finally have them, which we’re so so excited about.”

Ramzy Al Duhami

Saudi-Arabian Showjumper

One reason why I train on OTTO Sport is that it can handle extreme temperture fluctuations. Everything stays where it is supposed to be. That’s what I call ‘German Engineering’.

Osterspringen Amriswil

Stefan Kuhn, Switzerland

“For our showjumping event ‘Osterspringen Amriswil’ we recently switched to a show arena by OTTO Sport. This has almost doubled the number of riders who apply to compete there.”


Hascombe Equestrian

Shannon & Steffen Peters

Klaus Balkenhol

Billy Twomey

Alexandra Townsend

Arezzo Equestrian Center

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