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30 years of experience

Over 6,000 installed arenas worldwide

These numbers doubtlessly make OTTO Sport one of the internationally leading experts in supplying equestrian surface systems.

Of course, in addition to supplying the famous OTTO Sport products, we also offer installation of these equestrian surface systems. This way, our clients can rest assured that their building project is in the hands of the most experienced footing providers in the world.

This is where our installation experts come into play. These equestrian surface experts make up a team of experienced and highly trained professionals who install hundreds of arenas every year and in every corner of the world.

To enable our clients to find the perfect balance between cost-efficiency, working effort and convenience when it comes to installing their arena, we offer several installation options:


(Most popular option)

An expert at your side, until the last grain of sand has been installed.

If you choose the supervisor option, we will send you one of our equestrian surface experts who will oversee the building works and actively support them, whether it is laying the mats or driving the construction machinery.

For the remaining need for manpower, a few unskilled workers provided by the client are usually enough.

After completion of your arena, the supervisor will provide you with intensive education on how to adequately maintain your new original OTTO Sport arena, to make sure you get the maximum safety, performance and longevity from it.


DIY olympic quality.

You are equipped with construction experience, hardworking helpers and the needed machinery? In this case, the Do-It-Yourself option is the most logical and cost-efficient solution for you.

Needless to say, OTTO Sport will assist you with detailed installation manuals, a list of the needed machines and material, and most importantly, professional consulting from the OTTO Sport headquarters.

In the meantime, our surface experts can take care of the clients who really need them on site – a true win-win situation.

After completion of your arena, OTTO Sport will, of course, be happy to assist you with consultation and detailed maintenance manuals.

Turnkey solution

From the visit to the installation of the last sand grain.

Upon request, we are, of course, also able to take care of your project entirely from start to finish. This includes the delivery of the needed machines, an installation team sent by OTTO Sport and the execution of the total number of installation steps.


Julia Hanley

Loop Livery Yard, Burnley, England

“After we first contacted OTTO Sport regarding our new indoor arena, two experts flew in from their headquarters in Germany right away and gave us excellent advice. They taught us so much, also about how we can work with local contractors as much as possible in order to save money.

During construction, they were always available to give us advice and they sent us very elaborate installation manuals. We always received detailed answers to any questions we had, so that we always knew exactly what to do. All of this has really helped us to to as much of the work as possible ourselves and, by this, save a lot of money.

We still can’t believe that we were able to get the same surface as they had at the Olympics in Rio here in Lancashire – with a relatively small budget! That is really phenomenal!”

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