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The elementary one

Horse enthusiasts with only a small budget also deserve the possibility to maintain their arena accurately and flexibly to get the maximum performance out of their footing and make it last as long as possible.

The OTTO Sport BASIC, just like its big brothers, is equipped with steplessly adjustable spring tines as well as a leveling board to keep the footing professionally in shape and influence its consistency.

The BASIC can be towed by means of a three-point-linkage system.

The features

Every element steplessly adjustable

Millimeter by millimeter

A trademark of every groomer by OTTO Sport is its easy handling. Every single grooming instrument can be adjusted steplessly, millimeter by millimeter and without the need for any additional tools.

You can find more info about the steplessly adjustable instruments below.


Steplessly adjustable

The harrows on the BASIC are used to fluff up the footing and can be adjusted steplessly by hand. No tools are needed for this.

Depending on the set depth of the harrows into the surface, the degree of fluffing up the surface is determined.

Moreoever, the harrows’ tips can be easily replaced after they have been worn out.

Leveling board

Steplessly adjustable

Uneven spots in the footing, for example hoof prints, can be leveled by means of the leveling board.

The patented, wave-like shape of the board prevents the footing from being dragged across the arena too much.

Just like any other grooming instrument on the BASIC, the leveling board can be adjusted steplessly.

Support foot

For when the work is done

For ‘parking’ the BASIC, the groomer is equipped with a support foot.

As can be seen on any given trailer, the support foot can be extended by means of a crank.

After extending the crank, the BASIC can be detached from the towing vehicle and stand by itself.

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Technical specifications

Attachment Working width Dimensions (l x w x h) Weight
Three-point-linkage, towing-eye or trailer ball​ appr. 2,30 m appr. 240 x 220 x 100 cm appr. 340 kg