for maximum comfort inside the stable box.

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Our proven OTTO-StableMat provides warmth and comfort in the box and ensure the well-being of your horse. Special chambers on the underside of the mat produce a warming air cushion. By using the OTTO-StableMat, you can save on bedding materials because this is only required for absorbing urine. Another advantage: there is little waste, so the cleaning work can be done quickly and cheaply, and disposal is enormously simplified.



Technical specifications

Made for: Stable / box

Dimensions (length x width x height): 115 x 75 x 4 cm (= coverage of approx. 0.86 m2)

Weight: 28 kg

Material:​ Recycling-PVC


Installing the OTTO-stable floor is incredibly easy: the mats can be laid on any solid, level ground. If necessary, they can be cut easily with a saw to the required size. The fact that the individual mats are hooked into each other means that the ground gets firm and stable support.

Lay first mat in the corner

Connect more mats…

… until last mat projects

Cut last mat …

… and install rest of the mat on the side where you started.

Apply bedding

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What advantages are there with the OTTO StableMat?
  • Cold insulation: The OTTO StableMat offers the horse a pleasant surface that ensures good insulation against cold ground thanks to the integrated air chambers.
  • Protection of the musculoskeletal system: The OTTO StableMat cushions shocks while providing balanced impact resistance, so that the joints, ligaments and tendons of the horse have the best possible protection.
  • Saving on litter: When the horse accepts the OTTO StableMat itself as a comfortable place to sleep, then shavings are only necessary to absorb urine. A thick warm bed of shavings is unnecessary, thereby reducing the consumption of shavings significantly and simplifying disposal.
  • Secure sub-base: the surface of the OTTO StableMat is manufactured with flat nubs that provide the horse with stability, even in the act of standing up. The individual panels are connected together by tongue and groove so that they are prevented from slipping.
What is the weight a OTTO StableMats and what are the dimensions?
  • The OTTO StableMat weighs about 28kg. It is 115cm x 75cm. The surface area is 0.86m2.
How do I calculate the required quantity of OTTO StableMats for one or more boxes?

To calculate how many OTTO stable panels are needed for a box, the area of ​​the box is divided by the surface area of a mat (0.86m2). The result will be rounded up to a whole number (Example: Box 3m x 3m = 9m2. 9m2 ÷ 0.86m2 = 10.46 per piece. Required: 11 pieces). If there are multiple separate boxes, the need for each box is determined first. Then the rounded-up results are added.

How long do the OTTO StableMats last? Do they come with a warranty?

OTTO StableMats provide a robust and durable flooring. The warranty is for 2 years. Their lifetime is usually significantly longer.

What are the OTTO StableMats made from?

OTTO StableMats are made from recycled PVC.

Do the OTTO StableMats contain pollutants?

OTTO StableMats are made of elastic recycled plastic and comply with the provisions relating to soil and groundwater protection, which state that no groundwater-damaging substances may be washed out.

What is the advantage of PVC over rubber?

Compared to rubber, PVC has a more stable form. Despite the isolating honeycomb structure, the OTTO StableMat doesn’t keep moving about on its underside, even with heavy horses.

Are the mats non-slip?

Because of the flat, round nubs (2.5 cm in diameter), which have a special structure, horses on an OTTO StableMat get a good grip, and they won’t stumble. The surface of the OTTO StableMat is also constructed so the horse doesn’t chafe.

How does the ground have to be prepared?

The ground under the OTTO StableMats must be flat and able to bear weight (gravel, concrete, stone…)

How can I cut the OTTO StableMats to shape?

The OTTO StableMat can be cut with any commercially available jigsaw or circular saw.

How can I muck out with OTTO StableMats?

Use a pitchfork to remove the chips (litter) in the urine and the horse manure, and/or sweep the OTTO StableMat.

Are the OTTO StableMats suitable for outdoor applications such as slabs or open stables?

The OTTO stable panels are suitable for outdoor use as feed racks, slabs or open stables, but only in certain conditions. This excludes covered or sloped areas. Rain and snow could lead to the formation of ice and thus cause the risk of skidding.

How long have OTTO stable panels been on the market?

OTTO StableMats have now  been on the international market for more than 20 years.

Are the OTTO StableMats permeable to water?

The recycled plastic from which the OTTO StableMats are produced is not permeable to water and does not absorb moisture. Liquid is absorbed by litter material.

With OTTO StableMats, where does the moisture go?

Liquid is absorbed by litter material.

How do I clean OTTO StableMats?

OTTO StableMats can be washed down with a water hose or a pressure washer. From time to time – at your own discretion and as required – the mats are to be taken out of the box and be fully cleaned (it’s recommended to do this once a year).

What kind of litter do I need to use on the OTTO StableMats?

As litter, suitable absorbent materials include sawdust, wood chips, straw pellets and chopped straw.

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